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Posted by: Bluebolt7 On: Thu Feb 22, 05:10 PM (My FeedBack) (My Page) (My Auctions)
The problem is the majority of the citizens of the United States lack the ability to think logically or rationally. They just follow what their emotions tell them is right. Worse than that, many are so stupid they have to look to Hollywood celebrities or sports stars to help them make political decisions. The news media shapes and molds these types of people by their slanted reporting and tells them what they are supposed to think. If you are stupid enough to need Ophrah Winfrey or George Clooney to tell you what to think then you are probably stupid enough to sharpen a mechanical pencil in a pencil sharpener!

Posted by: Romahawk On: Mon Feb 19, 05:50 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
The school shootings in Florida were a terrible thing and everyone is out beating the gun control drums but step back and take look at reality. Gun control will do nothing to stop these shootings.

Perhaps we should take a look at banning cars if we really want to stop needless deaths in a mass scale in our country.

Consider this...............

Over 40,000 people died on the highways of this country last year and these are not one time statistics, these deaths in these numbers occur year after year. While your at it check out murder by knife in our country. Want to ban them too ?

Posted by: Bluebolt7 On: Wed Nov 22, 07:30 PM (My FeedBack) (My Page) (My Auctions)
Happy Thanksgiving to all the visitors of Romahawk and of this message forum. Here's hoping you all will have a safe and happy holiday.

Posted by: Bluebolt7 On: Sat Oct 07, 03:46 AM (My FeedBack) (My Page) (My Auctions)
I've gotten my first hundred items relisted onto Romahawk. I'll try to get more items listed in the next few days.

Posted by: Bluebolt7 On: Wed Sep 27, 09:09 PM (My FeedBack) (My Page) (My Auctions)
I'll keep you in my prayers, Tom. I hope that you can beat it into remission. My mother did in-hospital hospice and slept by her bedside there for six nights and was getting ready for the seventh when she passed peacefully. Hospice was a god send for us though. We held her funeral this morning and I am happy that she is no longer struggling with pain.

Posted by: Romahawk On: Wed Sep 27, 09:02 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
James, so sorry to hear about your mother. I know what a time consuming thing it is for someone who was in a position like yours.

I have been running like a chicken with out a head with this new cancer and haven't had time for the auction site either but hopefully that will change soon even if it is only a dozen or so items a week. Doctor has me believing it will work out so we shall see.

Posted by: Bluebolt7 On: Wed Sep 27, 06:22 AM (My FeedBack) (My Page) (My Auctions)
My mother has passed away after a long illness and I will soon be back listing items on Romahawk as I will have more time to work on my Romahawk store. It's the first time in a long while that I haven't had anything listed on Romahawk but I have had to devote quite a bit of time to my mom, spending time in the hospital with her and then working with hospice to care for her. I look forward to getting back in the saddle and listing some items again.

Posted by: Bluebolt7 On: Tue Jun 13, 09:35 AM (My FeedBack) (My Page) (My Auctions)
When it comes to selling on non-eBay auction sites I sometimes feel like the last man standing. Where are all the people who have items they would like to sell and make a few dollars? Whoever said build it and they will come was apparently mistaken.

Posted by: Bluebolt7 On: Sun May 21, 04:05 PM (My FeedBack) (My Page) (My Auctions)
I've been sidetracked again by having to relist closed items. I'd probably have three thousand items listed on Romahawk by now if it weren't for the relisting I have to do. I'm still trying to squeeze in a new item here and there though. I have about thirty items all scanned and ready to upload as soon as I can write some descriptions.

Posted by: Bluebolt7 On: Sat May 06, 12:02 AM (My FeedBack) (My Page) (My Auctions)
Today I was able to purchase a large grouping of VHS videos and DVDs at a reasonable price and many of them are new and unopened. There's a lot of good titles too including some classic films featuring some of Hollywood's biggest stars of the past. I'm putting these to the head of my list of items I want to list on Romahawk. Keep watching my listings if you are interested in picking up some interesting movies at good prices. There's something for almost everyone in this batch.

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